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Loren Forum Widget   Updated 3 days ago   1   PowerMag Most recent comment from Loren:How can I make a widget with only root forum. I tried "1" but it keeps showing any with all forums. I want to separate each forum into a different widget.Thanks Jacqueline Upgrade to Wordpress v 4.5   Updated 1 week ago   3   MightyMag Most recent comment from djwd:Hi there,thanks for your feedback.I'm about to release a urgent update to fix WP 4.5 and VC composer incompatibility, I also checked out the issue you described but couldn't replicate it. I was able ... touren daten Problems to solve - Blog entry style and RTMEDia conflict   Updated February 25, 2016   5   PowerMag Most recent comment from touren daten:This is also what I get. But can you e.g. upload multiple images at once and can you open the image by clicking on it? this is what is not working well!! Maxime Css spacing top rightmenu   Updated February 23, 2016   2   PowerMag Most recent comment from djwd:Hi there,that is happening because you need to set up your menus and assign them a location in Appearance > Menus.Useful link: WordPress Menu User GuideIf you don\'t need a menu location, please ... Mark Error 500 when importing Demo Content   Updated February 22, 2016   3   PowerMag Most recent comment from touren daten:I had a similar problem!in my case upgrading from 64MB memory_limit to 256 MB php memory_limit solved this issue Ernesto Garcia Demo   Updated February 13, 2016   2   MightyMag Most recent comment from djwd:HI there,Please check the instructions and links given on this article, it should help getting you started. For more questions on what you\'re specifically having problems to achieve, I\'m here to ... pascal-jeff leblanc Remove sidebar from one category   Updated February 8, 2016   2   MightyMag Most recent comment from djwd:Hi there,I could help hiding the sidebar for a specific category, as you could be using CSS classes that WP adds automatically to the body of the document for each category. Although making the ... Adib Search on Header Buttons   Updated February 8, 2016   2   MightyMag Most recent comment from djwd:Hi there,that would require several customizations to more then one template file, it isn\'t that straight forward if you\'re coding skills are limited. Personal customizations go beyond regular ... Jitender Menu Error after the update of theme   Updated January 22, 2016   6   MightyMag Most recent comment from djwd:Probably something were wrong during the uploading process as some files seem to be missing. I suggest to re-upload theme files via FTP and check if that helps. Adib Featured Media - Regular Video   Updated January 18, 2016   4   MightyMag Most recent comment from djwd:Hi there,you should just simply upload a feature image for that post as well, videos don\'t get loaded as thumbnails not to make archive pages too heavy. John Duplicate post in home page slider showing a white image   Updated January 2, 2015   2   MightyMag Most recent comment from djwd:Hi there,That is most likely a database issue, some data might be corrupted. I suggest to \"un-feature\" all posts and try feature them again. If that doesn\'t work I would also try to duplicate each ... Caio Mobile Menu Background   Updated December 17, 2015   4   PowerMag Most recent comment from Caio:Sorry,Solved. you forget the last \";\".The code correct is:.main-small-navigation ul.sub-menu li a {background-color: #000;}Thanks a lot. Lifestyle Group, LLC How to remove "Post Navigation" wording   Updated December 17, 2015   4   PowerMag Most recent comment from djwd:Hi there,as I thought that is not coming from the theme, never seen that before, it\'s probably coming from some plugin. As first troubleshooting kindly try by disabling all plugins, and in case it ... lorenzo cerrina text translation   Updated December 16, 2015   2   MightyMag Most recent comment from djwd:Hi there,You could actually use any text/code editor that has folder search ability (Dreamweaver, Sublime Text, and many others) in order to find the strings throughout theme folder.Did you translate ... Lifestyle Group, LLC Remove Meta info from posts - TAKE II   Updated December 14, 2015   3   PowerMag Most recent comment from Lifestyle Group, LLC: Thank you.