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Becky error w/ PowerMag and BP Profile Tabs   Updated 1 day ago   1   PowerMag Most recent comment from Becky:Hello - I am using BP Profile Tabs and the url field is not working.  When I switch to default theme, it works ok. Is there anyway you can help me resolve the error?   In console I see a ... Rasmus error   Updated 1 day ago   12   MightyMag Most recent comment from djwd:Hi there,I don't have experience with the plugin unfortunately, although all translatable plugins and themes should work the same. You need to create .po .mo files from the .pot file, and name it in ... Becky default post image   Updated 2 days ago   2   PowerMag Most recent comment from djwd:Hi there,thank you for your kind words! Unfortunately Themeforest submission guidelines doesn't allow that, they don't want any placeholder when there is no featured image set. That is fairly ... Monty Warning: printf(): Too few arguments   Updated 3 days ago   5   MightyMag Most recent comment from djwd:Hello there,If you are seeing errors/warnings/notices on production site with WP_DEBUG disabled then it would mean you have set display_errors=1 in your php.ini file. It's enabled by default for ... Loren Forum Widget   Updated 3 days ago   9   PowerMag Most recent comment from Loren:No I didn't try with any other theme. I will take a look at again to see what I can figure out. i think the problem is associating the wordpress page with it.  Rasmus Translate   Updated 3 days ago   3   MightyMag Most recent comment from djwd:Hi there, the strings are contained in woocommerce/single-product-reviews.php, you should translate the string both in MightyMag and WooCommerce language files to make sure they get updated.Not ... Aaron Category Menus not coloring   Updated 1 week ago   3   PowerMag Most recent comment from djwd:Great, glad it was sorted :) Rasmus Translate   Updated 1 week ago   5   MightyMag Most recent comment from djwd:Hi there,do you also have bbPress installed? Perhaps that is from its language file? Could you please try to switch to the default Twenty- theme and check the behavior if the strings get ... Becky How to look like demo   Updated 1 week ago   6   PowerMag Most recent comment from djwd:Hi there,now you just need to drag the desired widgets into the sidebars (preferably the ones starting with HP which are meant for that. I include a (very long :) png file with all demo's widget ... Becky How to add toggle   Updated 1 week ago   2   PowerMag Most recent comment from djwd:Hi there,If I got it right, you could create the VC composer Accordion element. Rasmus Picture slide   Updated 1 week ago   2   MightyMag Most recent comment from djwd:Hi there,thank you for your purchase.Please have a look at this FAQ, if you still have issues, I'll be glad to help you further. Monty Area next to slider   Updated 2 weeks ago   2   MightyMag Most recent comment from djwd:Hi there,thank you for writing in.You can check this FAQ, if you still have doubts don't hesitate to ask. Becky Install error 500   Updated 3 weeks ago   2   PowerMag Most recent comment from djwd:Hi there,from that error looks like there is a function naming conflict (it means there are two functions with the same name and that can't be).I suggest to disable all plugins prior activating the ... Becky error w the events calendar   Updated 3 weeks ago   2   MightyMag Most recent comment from djwd:Hi there,I recall one or more users talking about some conflict with the plugin, so it could be possible. I'm not sure about the details though, as I don't know how the plugin works in depth. ... Jacqueline Upgrade to Wordpress v 4.5   Updated April 25, 2016   3   MightyMag Most recent comment from djwd:Hi there,thanks for your feedback.I'm about to release a urgent update to fix WP 4.5 and VC composer incompatibility, I also checked out the issue you described but couldn't replicate it. I was able ...