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Aspect-Basic Settings malfunctions


  • armans58 started the conversation

    Hello there!

    I'm a MightyMag happy user since 2017.

    Recently I'm facing an issue trying to use "Aspect">"Theme Options">"Basic Settings" page.

    In this page I can't edit any longer any of the available fields: no way to remove the existing Logo with the  "-" red button (gives a "javascript:(void);" indication), neither any of  the "Upload" buttons is working .

    Trying to disable plugins didn't help either.

    The overall functionality of the website is good: registration, access, page viewing and editing are all OK!

    Could you please help me on this?

    Kind Regards.


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    djwd replied

    Hi there,
    thanks for using MightyMag for so long!

    Please try to download and activate th jQuery Migrate Helper plugin and let me knoe if that helps, thanks!


  • armans58 replied

    Thanks djwd.

    I installed and activated that plugin and it works now.

    I thought you could be interested in the warnings reported by that plugin (pasted below).

    Please let me know if I may go ahead with this fix or, in perspective, I'd need to perform changes to the website.

    Many thanks for your support,

    Kind Regards.



    jQuery Migrate Helper

    Right now, you are using a plugin to support some old code in this website’s jQuery JavaScript library. That code is deprecated, meaning it is basically obsolete and is losing the support of your themes and plugins and WordPress itself. This plugin, called Enable jQuery Migrate Helper, is not a fix. It is a temporary solution to give your plugin and theme authors time to update.

    If you get warnings, please check for updated versions of the plugin or theme that generated the warning. There will very likely be one you can install. When you have updated your plugins and themes, and there are no more warnings, please deactivate Enable jQuery Migrate Helper.

    You are currently using a legacy version of jQuery. It has no support and doesn’t receive security updates. Please upgrade as soon as possible.

    jQuery Migrate Helper — Warnings encountered

    This page generated the following warnings:

    1. https://elettronicaemaker.it/wp-content/themes/mightymag/admin/options-core/js/of-medialibrary-uploader.js: jQuery.fn.live() is deprecated
    2. https://elettronicaemaker.it/wp-content/themes/mightymag/admin/options-core/js/of-medialibrary-uploader.js: jQuery.fn.live() is deprecated

    Please make sure you are using the latest version of all of your plugins, and your theme. If that is the case, then you may want to ask the developers of the code mentioned in your warnings to update it.

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    djwd replied

    Hi there, glad it helped.

    I'm aware of that thanks for reporting. The thing is they removed a library that was a core of WP for many years, and lots of theme's feature rely on that, and also some included plugins (like the files you reported).

    This means is a very tricky update to do, but is my intention to do it.
    What this plugin does is simply keep loading that library (jQuery Migrate) that all previous versions of WP did.

    For now you can ignore those messages it's not gonna do any harm to your website.