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Import demo error


  • Bogdan Alexandru started the conversation

    I just buy your theme and i try to import demo but i have 503 error. 

    Error: error (503) I see many people have this probleme. Please reply and fix this.

  • Bogdan Alexandru replied

    Problem with collors. i CHANGE BUT COME BACK. What is that theme? How cat you sell this? Fix my problems please. I send you money for a broken theme

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    djwd replied

    Hi there,
    thank you for your purchase.

    First of all please be polite, there's no need to have such an aggressive attitude, thanks.

    The colors not changing is most likely a caching issue, please clear your cache or try using the browser in incognito mode after making changes.

    I've checked the demo files are all up in the server, 503 error is server related, there might be a download limit on your side on a downtime on my side.
    Which demo you trying to import? 
    Could please point me where you've seen 'many people' facing error 503? I couldn't find any. Thank you


  • Bogdan Alexandru replied

    I buy and im agresivve:? I think you are. You dont solve my probleme? I gave you already 1 star. Now tell me where to send you acces (pass and login) to my website? I hope you will fix this. 60 dollars is not very cheap and i work hard for this money. I dont know if you understand this.