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somes bugs


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    Buathier started the conversation


    Here are some bugs to notice and I need your help

    1. The slider loads badly see the image attached "slider.jpg"


    2. When I create a child theme, some functionality no longer works such as loading ajax (page loading without pagination)


    3. This is the biggest problem for what I want to do with the site

    When a user votes, he does not see the averages of votes but he only sees his own vote, I have never seen a site used this kind of vote, can you have any technical limitations to do this properly but in the state this voting system is not usable.

    It should simply leave the average user vote and not just the user because it makes no sense

    It would be nice to do something like the image yv.jpg
    Will you look at this for me?


    I thank you in advance for your help and wish you a great day

    kind regards

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    djwd replied

    Hi there,

    1. Please try to disable plugins as first troubleshooting, as that's quite odd (In fact doesn't happen on the live demo).

    2. Please try to copy the 'js' folder in the child theme directory

    3. I understand your concern, it's not the first time I hear this. Thing is that's how it works on the live demo site, and even if you've never seen this before, it's the same behavior of many other similar (and more popular) themes. E.g:







    Changing this would require custom modifications that unfortunately aren't covered on regular support, please consider hiring a developer in order to modify it to suit your needs.

    Thank you for your understanding.


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    Buathier replied


    thank you for your reply