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Quick way to activate dark theme ?


  • AntJ started the conversation

    is their anyway to activate the dark theme ? messing with all the individual options seem to much of a task and improper way to do it.

  • AntJ replied

    Also is their a way to make the logo align to the left and not center and one more question, is it possible not to have 2 main columns and a side bar i just want 1 main and a side bar on the homepage

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    djwd replied

    Hi there,
    thank you for your purchase.

    #1. Unfortunately the demo importer is only importing the main demo, the dark version is mostly there to show customizing abilities. If you need me to I can screenshot you all color options.

    #2. Logo automatically moves to the left if a Top Ad is loaded, otherwise this CSS snippet will move it to the left regardless:

    .snews-logo {
        float: left;

    Paste it in Advanced > Custom CSS textarea

    #3. You can set the Reading Settings to display latest posts

    You will have one main column showing with latest posts + regular sidebar, hopefully that works for you.

    Hope it helps