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Logo on Mobile


  • Kyle started the conversation
    Hi, just started working on my site today and I really like this theme, you did a great job. I've already got my logo up with the transparency and it looks great. The only problem I'm seeing is on mobile (for me, Galaxy Note 2) the site is shifted left and the logo sticks out a little bit to the right in an area of white. Could you see if you can duplicate what I'm seeing? Could it be the logo size I need to change? Any feedback would be great! Thanks!
  • Kyle replied

    Actually the mobile site is aligned, it just doesn't show up on mobile. I'm using two different browsers on my Galaxy Note II and getting the same thing. This may beyond your level of support, but if you could give me some guidence as to what I need to do I'd really appreciate it.

    The image is just a PNG with transparency.



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    djwd replied

    Hi there and thank you for your nice words.

    It actually goes beyond regular support, although I can tell you if you fix .demologo width to 300px, it won't get smaller than that. Maybe something like this would work:

    .demologo {
    display: block;
    max-width: 300px;
    height: 70px;

    ( just changed width to max-width )