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Translations and review options


  • Victor started the conversation

    Hello and thank you for a great theme,

    there are couple of issues I am having right now.

    1. I'm trying to localize the theme. I was not able to find any of the strings for the Single Post Options and Rating Options. Is this sort of plugin? Is there a chance you might add those strings in the future?
    2. Is it possible to set percentage Rating Type as default?
    3.  When user rates some post, the review table will show that particular value. Is there a way to show overall user rating? The best would be show overall rating by dafault and on hover user rating.
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    djwd replied

    Hi and than you for your nice words.

    1. I believe you talking about the admin section, usually users do not have much need to translate those, as are very straight forward. I'll look into this though.

    2. This would require editing theme core files, unfortunately it goes beyond regular support

    3. The user rating only allows a single overall criteria, unfortunately there's no way around this